Pro Stick® 55 – Mist Spray Adhesive



Pro Stick® 55 Multi-Purpose Spray Adhesive sprays a mist+ spray pattern and provides a permanent bond+ on a wide variety of materials. It dries clear while forming a heat and water-resistant bond. Resist “bleed through” wrinkle or curl. Acid free and photo safe. When first sprayed+ on a surface allows a minute or two for re-positioning before drying to form a permanent bond.

Product ID: MS-005-016  Nt. Wt. :  16.25 oz.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Photos • Paper • Cardboard • Fabrics • Felt • Foams • Foils • Archival Documents Plastics Glass Leather • Metals • Wood • Rubber • Films • Canvas • Fiberglass • Tissue Paper • Collages • Ceramics • Balsa Wood • Styrofoam • Art Displays • Layouts • Photocomposition • Carpet • Cork • Sign


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