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About Max Pro 

Since 1991, Max Pro®
has been doing aerosol filling of new and innovative environmentally safe industrial and household products for the retail and service markets. Max Pro® has always maintained a reliable reputation of offering customers high quality products at the best available low price.

Max Pro® fills and distributes an extensive line of products including aerosols, liquids, wipes and more. Many of our items have patents that are marketed under trusted brand names including: Blow Off® Electronic Cleaners · Glass Shine® Cleaner · Super Blast® Horns · Obey® Audible Pet Training Tool · Fire Gone® Fire Suppressant · Pro Stick® Spray Adhesives · Max Pro® Lubricants & Cleaners

Max Pro® Products are mainly filled at our facilities located in Okeechobee, Florida. We boast state of the art facilities of product filling space including four aerosol lines, four liquid lines and two custom packaging lines.

Max Pro® proudly offers:

  • Lean filling processes & techniques (resulting in lower total supply chain cost)
  • Rapid turnaround of orders
  • EDI processing
    • Detailed records of products on each order
    • Private labeling opportunities for all of our products (including patented products)
    • Product development service

Over the years, and in response to the growing demand of our clients, Max Pro® has diversified its product line to satisfy the needs of most companies. We are proud to have the technology and expertise at Max Pro® to help develop new formulas and offer guidance with private labeling for those companies who seek our assistance. Currently, Max Pro® sells over 60 products to retail and distribution chains across the nation and our brands are sold in over 15 different countries.

Recently Max Pro® was chosen by the highly respected Olin Corporation to develop, fill, and distribute several new Winchester® products. Among those products, are the readily available Winchester Gun Cleaners®, and Winchester Gun Cleaning Wipes®. The Olin Corporation has expressed tremendous gratitude to us for the facilitation of these products into the market and their respective significant increase in sales.