General Cleaning Tip

  1. Start with a system - Clean your home in the same order every time. Do the same routine every time and you can clean your home in half the time
  2. Clean Top to Bottom and Left to Right- When cleaning it is best to start from top so that there is not time wasted. What happens is if you start from bottom than as you clean dirt drops on floor. Better off cleaning top so if dirt drops on floor it can be picked up later. Also when you clean left to right you are not darting to different areas instead its more organized
  3. Make sure you have proper tools for cleaning. That means have all your Max Pro cleaners ready so you can clean all at one time. You should have maintenance cleaning instead of catch up cleaning
  4. Don’t let the dirt build up- clean regularly so there is not a huge cleanup job at once.
  5. Cut through kitchen Grease- Max Pro Cleaner Degreasers are the best at cutting grease and keeping your kitchen clean
  6. Keep Stainless Steel Clean- fingerprints, smudges and watermarks are enemies of stainless steel sinks, BBQs, Refrigerators. Use Piggys Stainless Steel Cleaner or Max Pro Stainless Steel Cleaner to repel water and keep stainless steel sparkling.
  7. Make sure and clean your microwave with Max Pro Cleaners and Degreasers.
  8. Clean spots on your carpet with Stain off Carpet Cleaner. After the best way to vacuum is to do the entire length of room in a straight row then move over and start again at the front of the room. Long rows is most efficient way to vacuum and put cord over shoulder so not in the way. Vacuum high traffic areas once a week.
  9. For BBQ’s Use Piggys BBQ Grill and Grate Cleaner- Spray on grates and allow to soak up the crud. Then simply wipe down. Use Piggys BBQ Duster to blow out the flame emitting burners. Finally use Piggys Stainless Steel Cleaner on outside surfaces make sure to allow a minute or two so it can react and clean the dirt. Wipe clean with dry cloth.
  10. Computer and phone cleaning- For keyboards nothing beats Blow Off Air Duster to get all the bread crumbs, dust and dirt out of your computer keyboard. Blow Off Electronic cleaner is great to use on the monitor, TV or phones. Use the Blow Off Microfiber Shammy to help in the wipe down. Another great tool is Blow Off Electronic Wipes simply use to wipe off your screen.